Northwest Conifers

Southwest Oregon Conifers

The conifers of northwest Oregon also grow in southwest Oregon, although no Western Larch grow south of the
Three Sisters nor Pacific Silver Fir south of Crater Lake. The conifers shown here are not found to the north.

Port Orford CedarPort Orford Cedar
 – Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

Leaves: Flat, scaled, white X's below

Cones: Round, woody

Bark: Brown, thick, furrowed

Where: Near the coast below 5000 feet


Sugar PineSugar Pine
 – Pinus lambertiana

Needles: Bundles of 5

Cones: Large, 10-20" long

Bark: Gray-brown with furrows

Where: Above 1000 feet south of the 45th parallel


Jeffrey PineJeffrey Pine
 – Pinus jeffreyi

Needles: Bundles of 3

Cones: 6-10" long, egg shaped

Bark: Brown puzzle pieces

Where: Mountains of southwest Oregon


Knobcone PineKnobcone Pine
 – Pinus attenuata

Needles:  Bundles of 3

Cones: Clusters, closed, woody

Bark: Gray, scaly

Where: Mountains of southwest Oregon


Hybrid Firs

Hybrids of these California firs grow in southwest Oregon.

Red FirRed Fir – Abies magnifica

Hybrid: Abies magnifica x procera

Needles: Bent like hockey sticks

Cones: Upright at tree top

Bark: Brown turning gray, furrowed

Where: Above 4500 feet in southern Oregon


White FirWhite Fir – Abies concolor

Hybrid: Abies concolor grandis

Needles: 2", blue-gray, white lines on top and bottom

Cones: Upright on tree top, 3-5" 

Bark: Gray, furrowed

Where:  Above 3000 feet in southern Oregon


Rare Conifers of Southwest Oregon

These conifers are remnants of California species that also grow in one or more locations in Oregon.

 – Sequoia sempervirens

Needles: Flat on twig, angled forward

Cones: Thick woody scales

Bark: Brown, thick, soft, deep furrows

Where: Southern Oregon Coast


Brewer SpruceBrewer Spruce
 – Picea breweriana

Needles: Sharp, thin, on long drooping twigs

Cones: Rounded scales

Bark: Brown with gray scales

Where:  Rare in southwest Oregon above 3000 ft.


Gray PineGray Pine
 – Pinus sabiniana

Needles: Gray-green, bundles of 3

Cones: Egg shaped, large, heavy

Bark: Dark brown with furrows

Where: Jackson County, Oregon.


Modoc CypressModoc Cypress
 – Hesperocyparis bakeri

Leaves: Scaled, white resin dots

Cones: Round 

Bark: Brown, smooth, then peeling

Where: Rare in southwest Oregon


Modoc CypressMacNab Cypress
 – Hesperocyparis macnabiana

Leaves: Scaled, white resin dots

Cones: Round

Bark: Brown, furrowed

Where: Rare in southwest Oregon


Modoc CypressSargent Cypress
 – Hesperocyparis sargentii

Leaves: Scaled, no white resin dots

Cones: Round

Bark: Brown, furrowed

Where: Rare in southwest Oregon


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