Northwest Conifers

Eastern White Pine – Pinus strobus

E White Pine

Eastern White Pine at Hoyt Arboretum

This tall pine can grow to 200 feet (60 meters). 

Needles: Like all the white pines, eastern white pine needles grow in bundles of 5. The delicate, thin needles make this tree a favorite in parks and yards.

Cones: The shape and size of a small banana.


Where it grows: Eastern white pine grows in the Great Lakes region to the East Coast of the U. S. and southeast Canada to Nova Scotia.. 

Eastern white pine at Hoyt Arboretum.

Similar species: Western white pine cones are larger and have more scales. Eastern white pine cones have 50-80 scales, while western white pine cones have 90-160 (Trees in Candada).

Names: Other common names: White pine, northern white pine, soft pine.



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