Northwest Conifers


Hoyt Arboretum


You can find most of the native conifers of the Northwest at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland. To reach the Arboretum, take the Oregon Zoo exit from Highway 26, drive up Knights Blvd past the Zoo, and turn right on Fairview Blvd. The Visitor Center parking is 500 feet on the right.

The labels on the trees in the Arboretum make it easy to identify each conifer.  The difficulty is finding the native conifers among the hundreds in the conifer collection. The map below shows the location of the native conifers.  The 2-mile route marked in red passes all 18 natives of northwest Oregon and several of the other conifers native to the Pacific Northwest. You can find the common low-elevation natives (Douglas fir, western hemlock, grand fir, and western red cedar) growing at multiple locations.


Hoyt Arboretum map


Thanks to Martin Nicholson, Curator at Hoyt Arboretum for his assistance locating the conifers of the Northwest in the Arboretum. For more information on the location of trees at the Arboretum, see Hoyt Arboretum Plant Database.

© 2012 Ken Denniston

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