Northwest Conifers


MacNab Cypress – Hesperocyparis macnabiana

Leaves: The tiny scaled leaves, which wrap around branchlets, are gray-green with gland dots that produce a white resin.


Cones:1/2 - 1", round with 6 or 8 scales, each with an erect conic point. The cones often remain closed until a wildfire releases the seeds.


Bark: The brown bark is furrowed on large trunks.


Where it grows: Foothills of northern California. Also found at two locations in southwest Oregon (Tree on the map).

MacNab cypress at Hoyt Arboretum


USGS Distribution Map

Names: Named after James MacNab, curator of the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburg. Other names: Shasta cypress. Recently, Taxonomists removed North American cypresses from the Cupressus genus and placed them in a new genus, Hesperocyparis. For more information, see The Gymnosperm Database.


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