Northwest Conifers


Rocky Mountain Juniper – Juniperus scopulorum

Leaves: The scale-like leaves are arranged in opposite pairs. They are green or gray-green, with no resin dots like those on Western Juniper.


Cones: The cones form small,soft, juicy berries that are blue and coated with a white film.

Bark: The bark is reddish-brown. On larger trees, it breaks into flat ridges with long flaky scales.


Where it grows: Rocky Mountain Juniper is not common in the Northwest. It grows in a few mountainous, dry areas in central Washington and the northeast corners of Oregon and Washington. It also grows throughout much of the Rocky Mountains.


USGS Distribution Map

Uses: There are several popular cultivars of this species. It is also a popular bonsai plant.

Names: The name scopulorum refers to "tree growing in rocky ground."


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